Monday, February 28, 2011

Organized Mom

I admit it. I'm a list-maker. I think I may be a little OCD when it comes to making lists. My husband makes fun of how many lists I have. I make lists for groceries, things to organize, how to lose weight, activities for my toddler, etc, etc, etc! The problem was, I was making lists on random pieces of paper, notebooks, and sticky pads.
My solution: a whole binder for my lists! I call it my Organized Mom Binder. :)
I have 5 tabs: GOALS, CURRENT WEEK (calendar), SELF, FAMILY, AND HOME.
I think most of the lists I make fall in one of these categories.

I made a "Week at a Glance" page where I have my week layed out in front of me. It includes my exercise schedule, menu, cleaning checklist, to-do list, and other fun stuff:)

This is before I've added anything extra. You may notice I've scheduled time to blog. I do that so I blog/look at blogs every other day. I've wasted many an hour filming through blogs. Its so addicting.

Here's my monthly review sheet. I look at the goals and tasks I completed and didn't complete and what I can do to be better.
Have you heard of 5 Dinners in 1 Hour? Oh my gosh its awesome. You set aside an hour per week to prep your dinners for the next 5 days! I've only done one week so far but I love it! The menu is balanced, healthy, and delicious! Plus your grocery list is already made for you! Easy!This is so helpful when you don't feel like cooking too (not like I ever feel that way).

The other tabs I keep my lists and ideas in. I feel my life is more organized all ready.
PS - All of these pages I made in Microsoft Word and literally took me half an hour.
Let me know if you have any questions!



Leana and Mark said...

What a great idea for the binder! And I check out the 5 dinners in an hour. I'm excited to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

erin said...

Did you subscribe to the 3 months of dinners? Is it worth it? I'm trying the free week of dinners this week and like it so far, but was wondering if it's going to be worth it to pay.

Amanda said...

Erin - I did subscribe to them and so far they've been great. There are a few dishes that I haven't been crazy about, so that's when I substitute family favorites. If I ever get the time, I'd like to use this method for my own recipes. PS - sorry this is a late reply. Hope you get it!